In keeping with our general philosophy that simpler is better, we offer two simple flat-rates for j18n—on a monthly and annual basis.
There are no escalating rates or usage fees based on the number of:
  • Users
  • Locales
  • Resources
  • Keys
  • Words
  • Versions
We aim to offer a simple, inexpensive tool to make your life easier.


$59.95 for license and initial project
$39.95 per extra project
$698 for license and initial project
$450 per extra project

We neither collect nor store any personal financial information.
All of our payments are processed by PayPal
Pay either through your PayPal account or any major credit card.
All prices are in USD ($)

*Monthly licenses are renewed automatically (you can explicitly cancel)
Clients will be notified via email at least a week in advance prior to any increase in monthly rate, providing ample opportuntity to cancel.

In order to purchase a license, just first sign up for a freetrial (if you haven't already)
And then choose Buy from the menus (you will not have to reenter your information).
Sign up

System Requirements

A modern browser* and an Internet connection. Javascript must be enabled and you must allow 1st-party session cookies (and it is strongly recommended that you allow 1st-party permanent cookies (so you won't have to login))
3rd-party cookies may be disabled (we don't use any)

*j18n has been extensively QA'd on Firefox (3.6+), Chrome, and IE8/9.
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